Thursday, June 28, 2012

Being broke

I hate people that don't want to work. I do. Now I'm fair about it. Some people just can't and I understand that. I am talking about the people that can and just don't but want to live in fancy houses and get government checks when I can barely afford my small house.

I know people like this. I have no sympathy. NONE. Because.... there is the poverty line and at one time we were about 10 ft below that. We lived in a shit hole trailer that one big gust of wind could have knocked down. It was dirty and moldy and the roof leaked but that was ok because so did the floor. You could see light coming in around the walls and through the floor. We took showers together and not for the reason you would think. We had to because there was very little to no hot water most of the time. We were cold ass in the winter because all we had was wood heat and guess what that only lasts about 2 hours before you have to get up and fill it again and if you don't you are cold again. We were hot ass in the summer because there was no air. It was cooler outside. We were always sick and once I got ring worm from some moldy shit in the house. It was uncleanable. It was condemnable.

They cut off our power for a week and guess what we had disgusting sulfer well water that quit pumping when the power was off. It got cut off because I had to choose between gas for the cars and food or the power bill. We had no phone no cell phone no internet no cable no satellite and we still barely could afford to eat. I ate so many peanut butter sandwiches and bologna sandwiches that I can't even look at one now. 3 meals a day bologna sandwiches for a couple of months and you would know what I mean. Sometimes I wouldn't eat lunch so that my husband would have a sandwich to take with him. He likes to joke that at the end of the week he had to take bologna flavored sandwiches to work because we were down to the last piece of bologna and payday wasn't here yet.

We had mice like a mo fo and a snake one time because we were one gust of wind from living in the cars. But we didn't get food stamps or government checks. Hell if they were to come to our house they would have condemned it no joke . In fact we didn't have help from anyone. We got out of it ourselves. How? By working.

The day they cut the power off I told my husband... no more. I don't care what we have to do we are getting the fuck out of here. It took us 2 years but we did it. We moved 3 times after that each time the house was a little better than before. We both worked, while I went to college. He worked so many side jobs I bet I couldn't name them all. Sometimes he wouldn't get in until 2 or so and then shower and nap and back at his regular job at 7. He sold stuff of his to get grocery money. And I cleaned construction houses on top of my regular job and college. I thought I would have sheet rock dust in my nose forever. But you know what? We made it. We worked our asses off and look at us now. Proud to be broke middle class.

We own our own home and cars. We still have a good bit of debt but hopefully we will get that straightened out shortly.

I think anyone that doesn't want to work should have to go through that. Just to see what it's like. But I will say this. I think that made us closer. We didn't have anything but each other. There wasn't any money to argue over and you sure as hell didn't want to get into an argument and have to sleep on the couch in the winter.

Yeah punch that in da face

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